Reasons for  High Volatility and Price Fluctuation in stocks

When there is an imbalance between the supply and demand of a stock, it can lead to price fluctuations and increased volatility

Sudden surge in Demand for a stock without Enough supply available, the price will  spike.   if there is a sudden increase in supply without enough demand, the price will Drop

Positive or Negative News can Cause Rapid Changes in Market Sentiment, Leading to Sharp Price Movements

Rapid Buying and Selling of stocks in short Timeframes,Leading to Increased Price fluctuations

External factors, such as changes in Economic Policies, Regulatory actions, or global events, can Impact Stock Prices and create Volatility

When Stock Reach to Overbought Zone and if  Profit booking start can impact stock prices and Create volatility & Price fluctuation

When Stock Reach to Oversold Zone and if  Aggresive buying will  start by buyer it can impact stock Prices and Create High volatility & Price fluctuation

  When the VIX is high, it Typically indicates Increased fear and Uncertainty in the Market Result in Volatility and  Larger Price fluctuations

 High volatility and Price fluctuations in stocks can be opportunities and can be Risks for Traders