February 17, 2023

Infosys Ltd Confirm Targets for 2023 with Chart Analysis

Infosys Ltd Confirm Targets for 2023 with Chart Analysis


Infosys Ltd Demand And Supply Zones For Trading and Invesing in 2023

Infosys ltd Confirm Targets March 2023

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Chart Analysis and Confirm Targets with Demand and Supply Zones

  • Infosys Already Below Resistance Zone of –  1620 – 1660
  • Trynig to Brake resistance Zone But Failed two times
  • Infosys is in Nifty 50 Index , Nifty Also at Resistance if Nifty break 18500 resistance then definatly ifosys will do same , lets see who will break first or both will go towards support  zone
  • As per Chart Analysis on One Day Time Frame Demand and Supply Zones for Infosys are as given below

Down side  First Target – 1357 – 1312
Down side  Second Target – 1167 – 1152

Up side First Target is – 1655

US and UK are the major Customer For Infosys and All IT sector and Now Days Due to High Inflation in US and UK its affecting on IT sector




Chart Analysis Updated on 13 Feb 2023 

Infosys Ltd Confirm Targets for 2023 with Chart Analysis





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