Features of Technical Analysis 

Technical analysis is a Method used by Traders and Investors to make Trading Decisions based on historical price data and market Trend

The most common Types of charts used in Technical Analysis are line charts,  and Candlestick charts, which Display Price data

In Technical analysis  Trend-following indicators,are used to Identify Potential Trend Reversals, Entry and Exit Trading Signals

Support and Resistance levels are important Concepts in technical Analysis

Trend lines are drawn on Charts to Identify the Direction of the Market Trend.

In Technical Analysis Chart Patterns, such as Head and Shoulders, Double Tops, and Triangles, are used to Identify Potential Trend Breakout 

Moving averages are Commonly used in Technical Analysis to Identify Trends and Generate Trading Signals

Technical analysis is Sutaible for all Types of Markets  like Stock , Index , Comodity , Currency