Set a Daily Loss Limit Once you hit your loss Limit, Stop Trading for the Day to Avoid further losses.

Always Use Stop-Loss Trade Automatically Exit if it reaches a Predetermined Price  . This helps to  Protect your capital.

Use Proper Position Sizing Dont Take Quantity whatever Take Quantity As per your Capital and use same Quantity  for Every Trade 

Design Your Trading Strategy Maintain Your Per Trade Profit is always more than your Per trade Loss  

Stay Disciplined and Avoid Making Emotional Decisions based on Fear or Greed

If you Trade on margin , be mindful of the Increased Risk. Avoid excessive leverage that can amplify losses and blow up your account.

Review and Analyze your Trades  Regularly review and Analyze your Trades to Identify your trading  mistakes & Learn from your past trades

Only Trade on Breakout Avoid Trading When  Market is in No Trend 

Have an Exit Strategy Always have a clear exit Strategy for Book Profit  and Book  Stoploss for Every  Trade

Risk Management is Crucial in day Trading to Protect your capital and Ensure long-term success