Time Decay  Options Contracts have Expiry Date      Day by Day Option Primium  Time Value   Get Decrease  

Highly Volatile   Options contracts are Highly Volatile You Have to Take Fast Desicion For Entry and Exit 

Option Buyer Can Make Money if Market in Up or Down Trend  Sideways Market Very Hard for Option Buyer 

Control on Trade Per Day Because of Brokarage and Government Charges  These costs can eat into the profits of options traders and impact the Overall Profitability

Traders Need to Control Emotions like fear and greed, and Stick to their Trading Plans, and not make impulsive Decisions

Risk Managment Is Most Chalanging Part In Option Buying 

Options Buyers May Face Stress, Anxiety, and other Emotions when Making Trading Decisions,  which can Impact on Trading Plan of Trader

Most of the Time Market is in Sideways , Option Buyer Has to Wait For Right Opprtunity and Its Challanging Task 

For Nifty , Banknifty , Finnifty Option Buying Trading Strategy