In High Volatile Markets    Price Movements Can Be Difficult to Predict       In Day Trading

In Day Trading  Need to Process a lot of Information Quickly, Including News, Open Interest Data and Market Trends 

In Day trading Need to Make Decisions Quickly within  minutes, which can be stressful and Challenging

Day Traders need to have a high level of Discipline and stick to their Trading strategies 

Day Traders Need to be aware of trading costs like Brokarage , Goverment Taxes which can eat into their profits

The Trading is Game of Probablity  and even the most skilled Day Traders Cannot always Anticipate Every Price Movement

Day Trading can be a highly stressful activity, with traders constantly Monitoring the Market

Sitting in front of a Computer screen for long Periods of time can lead to Health issues such as Eye strain and back pain

In Day Trading 80 % is Waiting time and 20 % is Trading Time and Its Challanging Task  

  Day Traders may be tempted to Overtrade Because of Price fluctuation